3 Tips for Creating Functional Modern Classic Interior

A Modern Classic, also known as a Modern Traditional style, is one of the most popular interior stylistics. As the name implies, it’s supposed to be a perfect combination of classic and modern – timeless details and innovative functions. Essential – quality traditional finishes and furniture are inseparable from functionality. It’s said that when done right, Modern Classic is a timeless choice. Obviously, there are some rules worth paying attention to. Read on and learn 3 tips on how to create a subtle yet practical home design.

Colour Palette and Lighting

You might’ve already noticed that colour palette and proper lighting play a significant role in Modern Traditional homes. Therefore, one of the first things to do is to think out the colour scheme, also – artificial and natural lighting. The well-thought-out, warm neutral colour scheme makes it easy to match finishes, furniture, and accessories of relatively different stylistics (modern and classic).

It’s essential to keep the warm colour palette as it’s one of Modern Classic homes’ distinct features. If you want to make it more practical, look for grey, pastel blue, and warm brown tones. Also, opt for solid vintage and small pattern prints rather than large-scale, bright patterns.

Another important factor is light – a perfect mashup of modern and traditional creates bright spaces and a sophisticated look. When it comes to artificial lighting, think of layering it. Try to use all three different types of lighting: ambient, accent and task. Consider your daily routine and the atmospheres you want to create.

Regarding natural light, it’s crucial to open up the windows. Stick to the neutral palette but not old-school mechanisms. For instance, relatively cheap electric blinds of minimalist design can be mounted inside and outside and even remotely controlled.

Furniture: Functional New & Timeless Classic

Interior designers say – the key is balance. To have a functional place with a touch of timeless classics, you should know the modern and traditional mashup proportions. So, here is the secret to keeping that perfect Modern Classic balance: 3/4ths should be modern and 1/4 – traditional. One of the most complex parts when decorating the space here is not to lean too traditional. Following this rule, the process will be way less complicated. Combine a large modern sofa and a vintage storage cabinet, a traditional detailed bedroom side table and a modern, functional lamp.

High-Quality Finishes and Fabrics

Finally, prioritize quality finishes and fabrics. Regarding classic style, it’s pretty clear: wood, wool, silk, marble, etc. Sadly, modern design is often confused with anything trending in the interior world (not necessarily about long-lasting and quality materials). However, it should be – this style features quality, sleek, simple lines and smart, practical functions. The beforementioned quality electric blinds could be a great example of modern design inventions. So, the point here is to keep it simple but high-quality.

A neutral colour palette, quality, functionality and a perfect balance of the latest inventions and vintage pieces could be the keywords for creating a harmonious Modern Classic interior. Think about lighting (artificial and natural), invest in practical furniture, and look for unique, statement vintage pieces.

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